Broward Schools Virtual Counselor Pinnacle

Pinnacle is another version of Virtual Counselor. It is also referred to as the “Pinnacle Gradebook”. In some other quarters, it is also known as “The Pinnacle Internet Viewer”.

The Virtual Counselor Pinnacle delivers real-time data access to students and parents about the pupil’s attendance and engagements in class, academic improvement, and pupil’s general performance. It does this also by forwarding reports via email alerts.

In order to gain entry into all of such real-time statistics or data, a parent would require the pupil’s ID number and PIN code or need to login into virtual counselor login portal. To get such data, parents can demand for the pupil’s ID number from the teacher.

You can see your grades within the Virtual Counselor Pinnacle as it provides real-time data which is frequently updated all through weeks, months and years. With this – you can easily monitor and keep track of your records and grades at the end of every season.

The Virtual Counselor Pinnacle is automatically the electronic Gradebook that is needed for use in all academic classrooms, and it permits students and parents to gain instant access on their progress in each class.

Virtual Counselor Pinnacle is a web-based grading program or system that functions on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer of Safari, among others. It offers teachers access to all the statistics/data sources for every pupil, learning values, assessment grades, among other benchmarks. It provides teachers all the info they require to be able to create successful learning patterns for each pupil.

When a school seeks for innovative ways to manage the collation and handling of student data, the Pinnacle System stays on top of the list as it is highly reliable, flexible and handy.

Virtual Counselor Pinnacle System shares data with those who require it. Utilizing Pinnacle’s Gradebook – pupils can access their records on an entire school’s workstation. Sometimes some students’ desire taking responsibility for their work and attendance BUT find it hard to ask virtual counselor teacher about it.

Pinnacle makes the whole process easier and private. Pinnacle has completely changed the way business is being carried out in schools; hence it is a must-have.

Virtual Counselor Pinnacle allows parents or guardians to logon through to a Website and view pupils records. Virtual Counselor Pinnacle Notification Systems routinely send e-mail to parents with data on grades and absences. This is highly innovative and parents who have experienced first-hand these express notification benefits just feel extremely excited and happy.

For schools that implement this system within their education scheme such as Broward Schools, it serves as one of the most ‘enabling’ thing they can do for parents in running their school better. Pinnacle e-mails 5 diverse reports to parents and these include:

  • A weekly attendance report
  • A standard grade report
  • A warning/cautionary note if their kid’s grades drop below a set limit
  • And a detailed snapshot of their kid’s grade in each teacher’s Gradebook
  • A notice of absence when their kid is certified and marked absent when a parent has not made a call to confirm it

EDUCATION is made easier with Virtual Counselor Pinnacle!