Broward Schools Virtual Counselor

With a well-developed Virtual Counselor Center, parents can benefit from prepayment possibilities as they can easily deposit funds ahead of their kids’ school activities. This is really great as it does surely expedite things as schools head into the new session after a break. Now that’s just one advantage of the Broward Schools Virtual Counselor system. It has so much more!

It simplifies EDUCATION! It offers parents and guardians more flexible options in fostering their children’s education and ensuring everything works seamlessly and well-coordinated. All parents require such a program that delivers to them – more control – and with the capacity to utilize the web and advance technology.

Enhancing education also is the focus of every virtual counselor teacher teacher and administrator and integrating cutting-edge school aid programs is a great way to attain such goals and also help improve students reading activities and skills especially.

From generations to generations – education has been the backbone of development in every sphere of life and it helps to recreate kids so that they can grow up enlightened and much better citizens of the world. Flawless education opens up diverse opportunities for students to become the best in their career niche in the future. The Broward Schools Virtual Counselor helps education become much easier in this perspective!

This dynamic Virtual Counselor can be accessed from any system and PC that is connected to the World Wide Web. The (VC) Virtual Counselor login is accessible to every student and parent and it offers the platform to view student records such as attendance, schedule, grades, and so much more – in just one simple step.

As a parent or a student, the Broward Schools Virtual Counselor has the capacity to serve as one of your most essential tools for a thriving school career. It is great individually for students and parents as it serves both uniquely. It can help you as a parent understand your children’s grades and academic profile, and also help you as a parent plan academic goals. It is also known as ‘Virtual Counselor Pinnacle

Below are some features of the Broward Schools Virtual Counselor:

ABSENCES: This offers every student’s attendance summary.

OBLIGATIONS: This reveals if a student owes the institution.

ACADEMIC HISTORY: This provides summary of every student’s grade.

MARKING PERIOD GRADES: This is handy where you seek the grades for the year.

ASSIGNMENT HISTORY: This area delivers history of student retention or promotion.

STUDENT SCHEDULE: Reveals current student’s class and their teachers’ names – orderly.

COURSE REQUESTS: This is designed for high school students only and the area reveals schedules of upcoming courses that might need a counselor’s approval.

GRADUATION INFORMATION: Meant for high school students also. Here, details such as courses student has taken, graduation requirements, test scores, community service hours concluded and GPA are revealed – amongst others.

The Broward Schools Virtual Counselor is simply dynamic and the best invention made to fully support education and also make life easier and better-coordinated for all stakeholders!